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Technical Data Sheets
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Importance of Replacing your Coax Cable
Abbreviation Chart
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Coax Technical Data Sheets

Cable Type
3030 RG-8/U
3061 RG-8X
3062 DBF-240 Low Loss High Flex 240
3780 RG-213/U
3810 LMR400
3815 CXP1318FX
3825 DBF-400 Low Loss High Flex 400

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The Importance of Replacing your Coax Cable

The life of a coaxial cable depends on many factors. Some of those factors are ultra-violet exposure, migration, high humidity, age, corrosion, power/heat, and voltage. Here are some important guidelines to remember when you start considering the replacement of your coaxial cable run(s).

  1. Ultra-Violet exposure breaks down the plasticizers of the jacket over time. As a guideline: Type IIa (2a) non-contaminating PVC jackets can last twice as long as type Ia (1a) PVC jacket.
  2. Migration & Corrosion affects the attenuation stability over time by contamination of the dielectric due to jacket plasticizers, and moisture penetration through the jacket.
  3. Power electrical losses result from the generation of heat in the center conductor; braid shield, and the dielectric. The power handling capability of a cable is related to its ability to effectively dissipate this heat. Please be aware that a solid or semi-solid polyethylene dielectric dissipates heat better than a foam polyethylene dielectric, since most of the heat is generated in the center conductor. On balance, the power handling capability of a coaxial cable is inversely proportional to its attenuation, and to its size. This is why RG213/U (CABLE X-PERTS # 18267) handles higher power more efficiently than for example RG58/U (CABLE X-PERTS # 18240). Another factor is the thermal conductive (or heat transfer) properties of the cable, especially within the dielectric. In other words, high ambient temperature, and high altitude could reduce the power rating by impeding the heat transfer out of the cable. High VSWR also reduces the power ratings due to localized HOT SPOTS at poor connector terminations and/or other improper usage.
  4. Operating Voltage is represented by two separate voltage ratings.
    1. Corona is a related ionization phenomenon that causes noise generation, which leads to long term dielectric damage, and eventual breakdown of the cable. Note: High wattage amplifiers can cause premature dielectric deterioration and larger Corona affects.
    2. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage a voltage level that abruptly breaks down the dielectric. To ensure the dielectric integrity of CABLE X-PERTS cables and assemblies, they are HI-POT™ tested during manufacturing and in our ready-made cable assembly department.

�In summation, coaxial cable can perform to it's maximum designed efficiency an average of seven years to ten years, provided the connectors are appropriately terminated and the cable is installed correctly.� So if your signal is fading or you're getting erratic VSWR readings, or are unable to get the maximum performance from your transceiver, then its time to consider changing your coaxial cable or cable assemblies. To help choose the correct cable for your application, use our handy Cable Calculatorand visit our Ready-Made assembly product page. Otherwise, simply contact our sales department for additional help in making your cabling choices.

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Abbreviation Chart




Bare Copper SSPE Semi-Solid Polyethylene 84% V/P
TC Tinned Copper CCFP Closed-Cell Foam Polyethylene 84% V/P
STRD Stranded LDF Low-Density Foam Polyethylene 88% V/P
SOL Solid SPE Solid Polyethylene 66% V/P
SPC Silver Plated Copper FPE FoamPolyethylene 78% V/P
CCA Copper Covered Aluminum STFE Solid Teflon 69.4% V/P
CCS Copper Covered Steel V/P Velocity of Propagation
CW Copperweld (Copper Covered Steel)    
SCCS Silver Covered Copper Steel.    



100%F+95 100% Aluminum Bonded Foil
+95% Tinned Copper Braid  
IA   Ultra-Viotlet Resistant PVC
COR-COP   Corrugated Copper IIA  UVR-DB Non-Contaminating PVC Direct Burial
95%+BC   Minimum 95% Bare Copper IIIA   Ultra-Violet Resistant Polyethylene
2/95%SC  Two 95% Coverage Minimum
   Silver Plated Copper
FEP   Teflon
    TPE   Thermo-Plastic Elastomer
    BLK UVR   Black Ultra-Violet Resistant
    UVR-DB   Ultra-Violet Resistant Direct Burial

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